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Buying shampoo from online sale or from nearby mall? Ever compared per ml pricing for bottle vs pouch/sachet.
What I have seen while bottle pricing are rising over the time while that of shampoo sachet/[pouch are almost stagnant.

Let’s compare the leading brand of shampoo bottle and pouch pricing:
  • 675ml bottle MRP -Rs.355 (52paise/ml)
  • 340ml bottle -Rs.190 (55paise/ml)
  • 180ml bottle -Rs.105 (58paise/ml)
  • and same brand provides 7ml sachet/pouch for Rs.2 (28paise/ml)

So you are paying on average double the cost on buying any bottle of shampoo.
Why cos have these absurd pricing? According to marketing pundits they want to grab maximum from everyone. One looking for bottle can afford the higher costs. While sachet are for affordable class where shampoo makers achieve the bulk amount of sale. These are price sensitive customers.
What we recommend is be smart and buy accordingly. Sometimes a good online shampoo deal can be cheaper than shampoo sachet or pouch too.

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Sachet shampoo are mostly available offline only.