Smartbuy: Shampoo shopping Bottle vs Sachet/pouch

Buying shampoo from online sale or from nearby mall? Ever compared per ml pricing for bottle vs pouch/sachet.
What I have seen while bottle pricing are rising over the time that of sachet is almost stagnant.
sunsilk shampoo pouch

Lets check sunsilk pink shampoo and it’s bottle pricing

675ml bottle MRP -Rs.355 (52paise/ml)
340ml bottle -Rs.190 (55paise/ml)
180ml bottle -Rs.105 (58paise/ml)

and same sunsilk sachet/pouch is
7ml sachet/pouch – Rs.2 (28paise/ml)

so you are paying more than double if buying the smallest bottle.
Why cos have these absurd pricing? Not sure but maybe because bottle buyers can afford to do so or maybe bottle packaging costs are higher. Different people give diff reasons.
What we recommend is be smart and buy accordingly.

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