Rcom is to shutdown its cdma network in 9 states.
All customers in these 9 circles are suggested to shift to rcom gsm , 3g or 4G network.
Spectrum freed from cdma network is to be used in 4G network which is currently being tested.
Many cdma customers are already complaining about network problems as rcom is said to be testing 4G on few cell sites using the same cdma spectrum.
Even is the frequency is said to be same but still your existing cdma handsets won’t work on 4G or gsm or 3g unless your phone says so.

List of these 9 circles are :

Andhra Pradesh
Uttar Pradesh West
Uttar Pradesh East
Madhya Pradesh

No final date is out about when the cdma network would be shutdown.
Existing cdma customers with cdma handsets who don’t wish to upgrade to 4G handsets can port to Tata cdma or Mts cdma(if available) network.