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Front Load washing machine use matic powder or liquid which are special kind of detergent that produces less suds or lather however works with same cleansing efficiency. These detergents are needed to avoid blockage in front load drum. These powders are usually costlier than normal detergents but here we will tell you few cheaper options of matic powder available in India.

List of Front Load matic detergent powders which are economical is price:
  • Rin Matic front & top load washing machine powder 1kg eco pack – more info
  • Syclone(amazon brand) Matic front Load washing machine powder 6kg Economy Pack – more info
  • Tide Matic front & top load washing machine powder 4kg economical pack – more info
  • Ghadi matic front & top load washing machine 1 kg pack – more info

Other than above Grofers has its own brand of matic detergent powders. Then we have usual Ariel and Surf excel matic powder range. And Bosch too offers its own front load liquid detergent recommended for Bosch machines.

Note: The top load mentioned in above list is fully automatic top load washing machine. For semi automatic you can use any normal cloth detergent powder.