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Yes you heard it right we said Airtel 50mbps plan not 40mbps. Why? Cause when your avg speed is in 46-50mbps range then its a 50mbps plan. Like in jio’s 30mbps plan speed is 27-30mbps.

Now lets compare both plans one by one.

Installation: Airtel Rs.1000+gst= Rs.1180 VS Jio Rs.1500(includes free first month @ 150mbps). Both give free dual band router with gigabit ports. Airtel installation can waived off by opting higher 799 plan and paying 3months advance for it. Jio installation fees is offset by first month free. Both have their own unique benefits for you to decide. No winner in this.

Cost: Jio offer Rs.399+gst = Rs.471 per month and is a prepaid option. Airtel is Rs.499+gst= Rs.589 per month and is both postpaid and prepaid depending upon the area. Both offer advance rental option. While Jio doesn’t offer any discount on advance rental option, Airtel offers 7.5% discount on 6month or 15% discount on 12month advance rental payment. Jio is winner here as it offers fiber at lower price point.

Speed: We have already mentioned this before Jio offers 27-30mbps speed in 30mbps plan while Airtel offers 45-50mbps speed in 40mbps plan which is 10-20% more at any given time. Here Airtel is winner for offering more than advertised speeds.

Voice Call: Both operators offer unlimited free voice calls with local landine no. Free telephone instrument is not given by either of providers. One can connect their own analogue telephone instrument. Though Jio allows additional benefits where one can make and receive calls for same landline via jiocall app by connecting to wifi network of same connection. Here jio is clearcut winner.

Public ip address: Jio offers Cgnat on ipv4 address while it offers more advance ipv6 but many sites doesn’t support it. Airtel offers each user a unique public ipv4 address and even offers static ipv4 address on Rs.99 monthly rent however ipv6 is yet to be widely offered on Airtel xstream fiber. Here Airtel is winner as gamers and certain users may need widely used ipv4 address.

Router n ONT: Both offer dual band routers with gigabit ports and decent coverage. However Airtel offers more control over its router by allowing bridge mode. While Jio router is completely locked though it does offers some unique feature like informing owner via sms each time a device connect which can be convenience or hassle depending on user. Jio offers additional mesh router on payment of non-refundable deposit of Rs.2500 for each extra piece. Airtel also offer 3pc mesh router on payment of Rs.1499 or more advance rental for 2 years. Airtel is winner for more control of router.

Verdict: For lower price point or extra voice calls features opt for Jio Fiber 399 plan. However for best internet only experience opt for Airtel Fiber 499 plan.