List of Wifi Router that supports ACT Fibernet broadband 300mbps speed plans on wifi

For plan Act Fibernet Plan speed from 300mbps and more higher end router is must to route the speeds
For plan Act Fibernet Plan speed of 100mbps to 300mbps Wifi 5 Router with gigbit port is enough…
For plan Act Fibernet Plan speed from 40mbps to 95mbps Most low range router are enough…

If you are not getting the required speed on your ACT fibernet 150mbps plan time to get a router change. Chances are you maybe using old router with just fast ethernet port where the speed is limited to just 90-95mbps.
Also if you are getting only 20-60mbps speed then you are on N router.

What you need is AC wifi router with gigbit ports to get full speeds.
Now we have different type of AC router like AC750,AC1200, AC1350 ,AC1600 or even AC4000 AC6000.
Lets understand what is this. Well AC750 is N300 + AC450 (the number denotes theoretical speed)
AC1200 router is one that give N300 + AC867 speeds.
AC1350 router gives N450+AC867 speeds.
Here N band is 2.4ghz speed while AC is the 5ghz channel.
N300 uses 2 channels while N450 uses all 3 channels.
As we all already know 2.4ghz aka N band is about coverage
while 5ghz aka AC band is about bandwidth. So most people tend
to ignore this while buying an AC router but it better be N450 than N300.
So always check in specifications what N+AC combination is.

For 150mbps & 250mbps plan I recommend is min AC1200 or AC1350 with a gigabit ports.Though we recommend atleast AC1350 i.e. N450+ AC867 for 100mbps plan but hardly any model is available for AC1350 whatever one or two are available lacks gigabit ports which beats the whole purpose of N450 itself.

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