Customers users in Rcom cdma service are getting messages from Tata cdma sales to port to their network following network shutdown. When surorised customer further inquires with Rcom customer care they are getting confirmation that in 5 states Rcom would shut its cdma network. Those 5 states to face complete rcom cdma network shutdown are Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Orissa and West Bengal.
Though exact date of when the shutdown would happen are not confirmed by support. As according to TRAI regulation operators need to give 3 months advance notice before shutting down the network which has not happened yet. So relieve is it won’t happen atleast for next 90 days.

Also it seems competition already knows about Reliance network shutdown while customers have not been informed yet. Rcom needs to vacant its cdma frequency to use it with 4G service which it plans to launch with jio 4g network sharing deal.

India is one of the last country in the world to have working cdma network. Countries like Australia & NZ have already shutdown its 4G network in last decade while few left like USA n Canada plans to do it after complete switch over to 4G n VOLTE over the time.