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Excitel broadband has launched new 100mbps unlimited diwali offer plans in Delhi. Excitel is one of the first ISP in Delhi which provided true unlimited plans. Is now active in Delhi, Hyderabad, Lucknow, Jaipur & Bangalore.

Diwali offer includes two new plan Rs.2000 gives 4month of unlimited 100mbps speed which comes to around 500per month(including taxes). While another offer includes Rs.4000 for 9months which comes to around Rs.445(tax included) per month.

Excitel is slowly upgrading to pure Fiber till home provider from current fiber til pole provider. Here last mile ethernet(current setup) is prone to rain, dust , sunlight n corrosion leading to frequent downtime. While the pure fiber till home is less averse to these conditions leading happy customers.

Excitel provide two G/ePON ONU option.

  • Wired bridge mode ONT to be connected with customers own router for Rs.750 refundable Deposit.
  • All in one Dual band gigabit wireless router with ONT inbuilt for Rs.2000 refundable security deposit.

Excitel has no fixed line voip landline phone number option for now unlike Airetl xtream fiber service or Mtnl ftth service.