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Mtnl is giving new affordable Fiber to the home service in selected localities of Delhi.

Plan 590 which is currently open for booking during Diwali 2019 till further 90 days. Offers 200GB of data per month includes free local calls to any mobile or landline phone.

Next is Plan 777 which offers 500GB @ 100mbps speed again with free local calls to any phone.

Mtnl Delhi is also first among PSU to offer 1Gbps speed with two attractive plans of Rs.2990 & Rs.4990 with 4TB & 8TB data limit respectively. This include 4 public ip address and unlimited free calls to any phone in India.

Post fup speed is 1mbps in 100mbps plan & 5mbps in 1gbps plans.

Others offering include 500mbps speed plans with Rs.1111 & Rs.2000 plans with 1TB & 2TB Fup policy + unlimited all india free calls. Here Rs.2000 plans gives one static ipv4 address free of cost.