Get 5X reward points for online incremental spend on HDFC Regalia and Regalia First credit Cards

Just another offer from HDFC Bank Credit Card.

  • Offer valid from 17th Jul 2019  till 30th Sep 2019 i.e. 3 months.
  • Spend Rs.20,000 on Regalia or Rs.10,000 on Regalia First Credit Card.
  • Anything after that spend “online” would get you 5x reward points.
  • No maximum limit of promotional points.
  • Points would be given after 90days.
  • Any other offers like 10x on smartbuy etc can’t be combined with this
  • Do remember HDFC bank don’t give points for wallet addition.

Best way to use this would be to spend first 10k or 20k on smartbuy, samsung pay offer etc then afterwards start your planned online spend with this.

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