Vodafone 4G sim change process in India

Vodafone has already launched 4G services in 17 states. Here is process to swap and activate your 4g sim.

1.) Get a 4G sim from any vodafone store by giving the requested matching documents(I don’t think they ask for it any more) and sim fees(if any), I got sim free.

2.) Don’t take out your old sim from phone yet. Send sms your existing Vodafone sim to 55199 write

“SIMEX < 19-20 digit 4G SIM card number printed on New sim card itself>”

3.) You will receive a reply from 55199 with half SIM number entered asking you to reply with remaining six digit sim no.

4.) You have 2 hours after receiving that sms to send remaining 6 digits of sim no to 55199.

5.) You’ll receive sucess sms in next 5-10 minutes if not then start from step 2 again.

6.) Now wait for network to disappear and change to new sim only after that. Enjoy 4G!

I think vodafone process can be little cumbersome for some people as you need to send sim no twice which can confuse many people. Airtel got a better process where you need to send sim no just once and confirm with a 1 that’s it.

Update: I just visited voda store here in Delhi, the rep just asked me my mobile no , entered it in his system and gave me a prepaid 4G sim and asked me to do step 3, 4 and 5 in front of him. Thats it.
For offers download Vodafone App from android store


Q: Sim no is not clear . what to do?
A: Sim no is printed on sim card itself, sim pouch and barcode sticker inside the pouch. Read of any of the place. It is 19-20 digit.

Q: I send the SIMEX sms but no response?
A: Try again after few hours. They put system under maintenance from time to time.


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