Bsnl has launched new fixed wifi service also known as wimax by many users. Well it’s wimax rebranded as fixed wifi service. Same old point to point wifi equipment is installed at customer premises on rooftop. From that CPE an ethernet cable comes to customers router wan port or to pc.

Currently three truly unlimited FUP free plans are available which are:
  • Plan Name: BBG_BSNLFi_UL_500 Rental: Rs.500 Speed : 2mbps Flat
  • Plan Name: BBG_BSNLFi_UL_750 Rental: Rs.750 Speed : 6mbps Flat
  • Plan Name: BBG_BSNLFi_UL_1200 Rental: Rs.1200 Speed : 10mbps Flat
Then Bsnl have FUP based unlimited plan range:
  • Plan Name: BBG_BSNLFi_ULD_500 Rental: Rs.500 Speed : 40GB @ 6mbps beyond 1mbps
  • Plan Name: BBG_BSNLFi_ULD_600 Rental: Rs.600 Speed : 40GB @ 10mbps beyond 1mbps
  • Plan Name: BBG_BSNLFi_ULD_745 Rental: Rs.745 Speed : 100GB @ 10mbps beyond 2mbps
  • Plan Name: BBG_BSNLFi_ULD_845 Rental: Rs.845 Speed : 120GB @ 15mbps beyond 2mbps
  • Plan Name: BBG_BSNLFi_ULD_1200 Rental: Rs.1200 Speed : 200GB @ 30mbps beyond 2mbps

Like you even I am thinking if speed would be symmetrical or 1/8th or even low of 512kbps like most bsnl adsl plans have. No upload speed details given on site by Bsnl.

For installation Bsnl would charge Rs.1000-2000 + one month advance rental of plan you opt for. All plan listed above have gst charge extra so the final invoice would be more. Bsnlfi / wimax is available in postpaid plans only.