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Cherrinet the Tamil Nadu based fiber provider is finally on with true unlimited plans for home users. Shelving off it’s previous FUP based plans offerings.

Plan STARTER 100 Mbps Unlimited GB NO FUP Rs.999+tax
Plan STARTER NEO 150 Mbps Unlimited GB NO FUP Rs.1,299+tax
Plan BASIC 200 Mbps Unlimited GB NO FUP Rs.1,499+tax

Chennai also got Hathway now which is secretly marketing 1TB FUP plan to most users. Also thanks to local cable based internet provider with true fup free plans. Plus catching the trend of other metros especially Delhi n Mumbai where market is flooded with true unlimited plans from all isps.

In Delhi isp market excitel with it’s true unlimited broadband plans has completely taken over the city making it most competitive isp market in the country from previous almost zero competition.