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Act Fiber Delhi site shows the new plans. While Act unlimited 999 true unlimited plan is not showing up on site anymore. 

However for FUP based plan there is good news with speed & data quota upgrade.

Plan 999 bronze now get 75mbps speed instead of old 40mbps with 125GB data quota instead of 100GB previously.
Plan 1199 silver also get 75mbps speed with 175GB quota instead of 150GB.
Plan 1499 gold comes with 250GB @ 100mbps instead of 200Gb @ 75mbps
Plan 1999 platinum is 300GB@150mbps instead of 250GB @100mbps.

Speed has been upped from “upto 125mbps”  to “upto 50mbps” to compete with Hathway 150mbps plan in Delhi which offers 1TB data and is much more competitive than above ACT plans for Delhi.

Another disappointing thing is post FUP speed which is still 512kbps for ACT in Delhi while Airtel & Mtnl has already moved to 1mbps speed in most of their plans.