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Front load washing machines are not as popular in India as they are in western countries.
Thanks to the high initial cost compare to semi automatic top loading machine
and ofcourse it is to be operated by our maid/bai why give them such a costly device
also why to pay more to make their work easier that is their job.

But trust me if you fall in first category who love to care to do his/her household cores themselves then look no further. Fully automatic will save you electricity plus water and ofcourse maid cost in long run that you’ll justify it costs. Ok I don’t have any comparison for water n elect cost but yes one don’t need any maid if using front load washing machine.

Front load are costlier VS cheaper top load washing machine.
Front Load is always fully automatic VS Top load can be semi or fully auto in India.
Front load use gravity with half drum rotation VS Agitator is used to wash clothes.
Less water is used as half or quarter drum is filled with water VS full water in fully automatic top load.
Less electricity is used as drum is half rotated in front VS full rotation in top load machine.
Less foam making costlier washing powder is required in front load VS any powder can be used in top loading.