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Mtnl Delhi has upgraded all the postpaid broadband plans to 8mbps from current 4mbps. This includes Mtnl’s lowest Rs.699 combo plan with 40GB data & unlimited mtnl to mtnl calls included. Previously it upped speeds on all plans from 2mbps to 4mbps and now this time to 8mbps. It seems Mtnl is facing dual brunt of Jio 4G & Excitel competitive offers in Delhi circle.

Problem is Mtnl still isn’t sure on usp of it’s BB+landline service. Airtel broadband is much more competitive than Mtnl in Broadband+landline service. Add to it customer service where Mtnl doesn’t have any chance. Airtel offers unlimited local+std calls on even lowest of it’s plan called 899 plan. While Mtnl’s lowest plan with unlimited local+std calls starts from Rs.1999 which is out of reach for common household budget.

Even Rs.508 recharge plan of jio under it’s dhan dhana dhan offers 60GB data while Mtnl’s 40GB lowest plan cost Rs.200 more than that. Again Jio plan is loaded with unlimited free calls while mtnl plan only with mtnl to mtnl. Yes we are comparing 4G plans with adsl plans, another India only thing.

Here comes Excitel whose 50mbps true unlimited plan cost Rs.695+tax while Mtnl’s 8mbps plan cost Rs.3699+tax. This time Excitel plan is cable only without any calling while Mtnl’s plan got unlimited local+std calls. But price is more than 4times and speed is less than one sixth which can’t compensate for with just unlimited calling.