From Feb 18th 2016 to 20th Feb 2016 get extra 10% data on following Data STV in Bsnl 3G Mobile. This offer is not available on all the packs like famous Rs.68 data pack where Bsnl has reduced validity further from 3days to 2days.

MRP Rs.78
1GB(1.1GB in offer)
Validity – 5 Days

MRP Rs.98
650 MB;(715 MB in offer)

MRP Rs.155
1GB;(1.1GB in offer)
Validity – 18Days

MRP Rs.198
1 GB;(1.1GB in offer)
Validity – 28days

MRP Rs.292
2.2 GB, (2.4 GB in offer)
Validity – 28days

MRP Rs.444
3GB, (3.3 GB in offer)
Validity – 60days

MRP Rs.561
5GB (5.5 GB in offer)
Validity – 30days

MRP Rs.821
6GB,(6.6 GB in offer)
Validity – 60days

MRP Rs.1099
9GB,(9.9 GB in offer)
Validity – 60days

MRP Rs.1949
21 GB,(23.1 GB in offer)
Validity – 90days

Finally something good from Bsnl after frequent price increase. Something Bsnl need to understand it can’t keep on increasing prices so frequently as some of our friends in rural areas have Bsnl as only option(though that is less frequent now). Take for example famous Rs.68 data recharge which use to give data at
Rs.68 1GB valid for 10days which is reduced to 7 days to further 5days then to 3 days now to 2days.
All above changes is less than a year. I wonder how much cost and inflation pressure Bsnl management has to face in such a small time to keep reducing the validity that much.
Some Bsnl should not forget that it is a PSU so it has obligation to Indian public not just its employees.