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Jio recently launched Jio 4G Voice for iphone users. However problem is you can’t use it without inserting a jio sim inside the iphone. In directly it means that your jio 4G voice app won’t work by connecting to wifi of Jiofi2 or jiofi3.

You need to insert jio sim card in iphone to use this app. Infact Jio has made app in such way only.

Why this partiality with iphone users when android users can easily do so? We are guessing the same. Maybe Jio wants to be primary sim in your iphone. If they allow usage with jiofi mifi device then many would put another sim card in iphone and use jiofi with 4g voice as secondary sim.

To be more specific this Jio4G Voice app is designed mostly for Iphone 5s or 5 users who don’t have VoLTE feature to enjoy voice calls on Jio 4G network. Iphone 5s users have the biggest base of iphone users infact iphone 5s was biggest selling handset till last year for Apple in India. Infact it still be the same story till this year as Apple still want to keep iphone 5s floated in online only market with further price cut.

Iphone SE would be more of a target for offline market which got VoLTE in built now that it is ready to be assembled in Indian factory itself. Back to the topic there is no way to overcome it for now unless jio itself allows it. We they do in the future.