Using iphone or Ipad cellular with Idea Cellular sim inside? While your mobile data would work out of box with Idea cellular on iphone, for personal wifi hotspot to get working few settings need to be sorted. While inserting Jio/ Airtel sim carrier upgrade auto sets up the iphone as these operator got agreement with Apple. However it’s not the same with Idea Cellular so we manually need to input the setting given below.

These settings would work with Iphone XSplus iphone XS Iphone X Iphone8 Iphone7 iphone6s Iphone6 Iphone 6s+ iphone 6+ iphone SE iphone 5s as all these models support ios 10+ which got same steps to access hotspot settings.

Problem is iOS got different APN for VPN, Hotspot and actual mobile internet as many western cellular cos likes to charge for data if used for hotspot. In India most operator don’t care how you use the data as it was very costly even for mobile.

So we got unlcoked iphone with two different settings.

Now to configure Mobile spot on Iphone  using Idea cellular sim follow below steps:

  1. -> settings
  2. -> mobile data
  3. -> mobile data options
  4. -> mobile data network
  5. -> fill ‘APN’ under mobile data as “internet”
  6. -> fill ‘APN’ under personal hotspot as “internet” (recommended)
  7. -> That’s it back to settings in step 1 , you’ll see personal hotspot option has appeared.

Same way we can configure hotspot for iphone in Aircel , Bsnl, Mtnl, Tata Docomo, Vodafone or any other operator.