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Looking for instant water geyser with 4.5kw heating element? We have selected few 4.5kw water heater models to consider. Do remember when using a 4.5kw geyser to use 20+ amp switch / mcb and wiring is proper for 22amp or more load. House with old wiring should avoid such a high load water geysers. It could also lower the voltage of whole house for short period of time. MCB are prone to dis-function when using with 4.5kw geyser. We recommend to use double pole MCB with 32amp minimum load.

A water geyser is a device used to heat water for various purposes, such as bathing, cleaning, and cooking. The “4.5 kW” refers to the power rating of the geyser, indicating how much energy it consumes to heat water.

A 4.5 kW water geyser can provide a relatively fast heating process, which is useful for quickly obtaining hot water. However, it can be brutal to wiring of the house specially with house having old wiring. Do connect auto circuit breaker before using such a high load appliance.