Lifetime Free Rupay Credit Card

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Icici Bank website is very much emphasizing on signing up for its platinum chip credit card.
So what is card is good for? We check out for you.
First thing first on card approval you will be billed Rs.199 annual fees which you must have to pay. Though from second year onwards it would be good as you just get to Rs.99 annual fees which won’t be charged if you spend total of Rs.50,000 or more in a year.
On reward side you get 2pts worth 50paise for every Rs.100 you spend so nothing substantial, kind of standard for credit cards. Waiver of fuel surcharge on HPCL pumps which also not much.
That means this bare basic credit card with minimum annual fees(as aura of free credit card is over in Icici Bank) for occasional users or people who need a card for backup n emergency use.
So if you spend less than 60,000 per year on credit card then only opt for this card.