While current spat between Jio & Airtel is on regarding who is fastest in 4G speed we report you another of smart move by Samsung regarding Airtel networks. 





If you’re in Delhi using samsung 4G phone with software update received recently and using Airtel sim then try this….

  • Switch Airtel sim to wcdma only in network settings.
  • You’ll still see 4G icon near network bar instead of 4G.
  • you can check band by dialing *#0011# it’ll show 2100 or band1

Here in Delhi Airtel is using 10Mhz for 3G in Band 1 / 2100mhz frequency. However after lasted software update in Samsung phone this 3G network is showing up as 4G. This is surprising as according to ITU wcdma comes in 3G category  not 4G.

Havn’t tested this is for other 3G networks also or just Airtel as no one uses 10mhz of 2100mhz on 3G network atleast in Delhi. We are also not sure if Samsung is paid by Airtel to do this or default behavior of all samsung phones. Whatever their reason it’s totally not done on Samsung part to deceive customers for 3G network as 4G network.