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Following steps of it’s big brother Idea also announced free incoming on roaming from 1st April 2017.


  • Bsnl/Mtnl was first one to announce free incoming around 1-2 years back.
  • Vodafone announced free incoming from last diwali of 2016.
  • Airtel announced it few days back and Idea followed it in a week.

One thing is clear with this announcement that Airtel is the leader of this group not vodafone where Idea tried to follow Airtel. Though these operators claim free sms incoming and no data premium also truth is free incoming sms and data at home rates were always there. Only free incoming is thing added which we mentioned in headline. Also it’s still not clear what no premium on outgoing calls means for now. If tariff STV and unlimited calls recharge would apply in roaming also.

Bsnl is not giving roam like home tariff plans for now however Bsnl was never the threat . It’s Jio in whose competition these operators have made this free incoming move and Jio is first one to have true roam like home tariff plans. So this need to be seen how things unfold after 1st April 2017 when Jio’s prime initial period expires.