Jio 4G has launched prime plans which are affordable to users and for the first time a unique que based recharge system has been introduced similar to one in USA. It works more like postpaid where only one plan can be used at a time so you change the plan at end of billing date(postpaid) or expiry of plan voucher (prepaid).

Lets take Jio Rs.303/Rs.499 plans vs Airtel Rs345/Rs.799 which are STV as an example.
Now if you recharge one Rs.303(jio)/Rs345(airtel) on 1st April and recharge with second Rs.499(jio)/Rs.799(airtel) on 15th April here is how both recharge would apply:

JIO case:
1st april to 28th april – 1GB/day – Rs.303 plan voucher (28days)
29th april to 26th may – 2GB/day – Rs.499 plan voucher (28days)
As you can see 499 plan voucher didn’t applied immediately it applied on day the Rs.303 expired because all jio’s recharge plan are plan vouchers. Only one plan voucher can be applied at a time. Now if you need additional data you can recharge with any of add-on booster pack instead however expiry of this booster is linked to plan again and expires with it. So if you recharge Rs.303 five times in one day then it would give 1GB/day for 28*5days= 140days

Airtel Case
1st april to 28th april – 1GB/day – Rs.345 STV (for 28days)
15th april to 12th may – 2GB/day – Rs.799 STV (for 28days)
Here Rs.799 recharge applied immediately as it is an STV however the old Rs.345 STV was over applied. So for period from 15th april to 28th april user would get 2+1GB of data. If you need additional data you can recharge with any of normal data pack which would exist in another data pool and would be applied till expiry of that actual recharge voucher not STV. So if you recharge Rs.345 five times in a day then you would get 5*1GB= 5GBper day for next 28days.

I hope with example it clears the doubt of Queue based plan vouchers of Jio vs STV based vouchers of Airtel,Vodafone,Idea.