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Rainy season means temperature is low but high humidity so running AC for long hours in monsoon season can bring in hefty bills. Problem with fixed speed non-inverter AC is that the moment compressor turns off you start feeling the sweaty n itchy sensation so now to keep it on the whole time AC is running you keep it at very temperature which consumes a lot of electricity leading to a hefty monthly electricity bill. Thats why inverter AC are the best as compressor doesn’t turns off even at temperature set at 26degree though most people set temp at 24-25degrees normally.

That’s why we’d recommend inverter convertible AC for these long monsoon seasons of India.

So what is the best way to run AC in rainy days during day time?

Well we recommend to use Convertible Inverter AC range.

For best usage set the inverter AC in convertible mode at 40-60% power with temp at 24-26 degrees below outside temperature. That way your AC won’t consume much bill and would keep compressor on for most of the time.

Infact dual compressor is much recommend like in LG or Panasonic AC as it can run on very low power rating for compressor switched on. Infact my LG AC consumes as low as 250W for 8-10 hours with this strategy. Checked this with my smart plug after every 30mins at hovers from 230w-270w most of the time. LG AC have monsoon mode same as dry mode in most of the AC which remove excess moisture from Room Air. Infact you can read in AC specifications on how much moisture/water it removes from air in liter per hour ratings.

Most people ask is it safe to use AC during rainy season when outdoor unit is exposed to Rain?

Well no problem in using split AC most of the time during rain. However if it gets too windy to interfere with working of fan blades then better turn it off to keep it safe.