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Yes it’s true leave alone Airtel mobile even Airtel fixedline broadband can’t compare to Jio 4g prime plans.
World over Fixed line plans are always cheaper with bulk of data however in India it’s just the opposite.






If you take into count Jio postpaid Rs.499 Prime plan with 2GB data free per month it comes to 60GB in a month while cheapest Rs.899 Airtel fixed line broadband plan in Delhi offers just 30GB data.

Unlimited calling to anywhere is free in both. While Jio plans are truly mobile that means roaming is included. Airtel broadband is limited to your premises being fixed line. Post free data Airtel speed is 512kbps while Jio is 128kbps. However amount of free Pre-FUP data on Jio is 60GB which is double the Airtel’s 30GB.


Jio 4G Prime Airtel Broadband (adsl/vfiber)
Rs.499 postpaidRs.899 16mbps plan
128kbps post 60GB512kbps post 30GB
Free local+ std callsFree local+ std calls
Free smsNo sms in fixedline
Free roaming callsNo roaming in fixedline
Free roaming smsNo roaming+sms
15% discount on ebill n autopaymentNo discount

I think Airtel broadband plans are due a revisions as charging customer premium is justified however you can’t charge premium in wireline service in comparison to wireless service.