For shop we mostly recommend fixed speed non inverter 5 star AC as closing and opening of doors is quite frequent as such inverter ACs won’t give you the benefits. Infact most of the shops don’t even have proper doors where mostly transparent plastic sheets are used to stop cold air from moving out.

5 Star AC are must for any shop in India as commercial rates of electricity already hover from ₹10-20 per unit so one can easily save the extra amount spend on upgrading to a 5star AC from a 3 star AC.

Split AC are more energy efficient than window as the indoor cooled coil and outdoor heated coil are both separate from each other. So won’t pose a problem. However make sure while installing the AC all the necessary steps are done avoid future leakage. Most split AC in 2023 comes with installation guide so you need to supervise that electrician does perform the necessary checks.

AC size according to shop area in sq ft:

  • Below 50sqft 0.75 to 0.8 ton AC is recommended
  • upto 60-100sq ft we recommend 1ton AC
  • for 110sq ft to 160sq ft 1.5ton is enough
  • above 160sq ft to 200 sq ft 1.8 ton AC
  • above 220 sq ft proper 2 ton AC with 7000w cooling capacity.

Best fixed speed non inverter AC 2023

You can also buy extended warranty for peace of mind however make sure to buy it from manufacturer itself not from any third party.