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Recent a report surfaced in HT on how mobile numbers of girls are sold in UP market by recharge retailers. Whole country was shocked by this.

To tackle this Vodafone has came out with a solution called Vodafone Private recharge. Where customer instead of giving away her mobile no can give an OTP to retailer. Reetailer just need to recharge the OTP instead of mobile no. This OTP is linked with customers mobile no so whatever recharge is made on OTP is instead applied to that mobile no.

To generate OTP create a sms “Private” and send to toll free no 12604

This OTP is valid for same day only that is till midnight 23:59hours of the day when it is generated. Not sure if this OTP is valid for online recharge also. So if you are on vodafone and mostly do offline recharge then next time better try this OTP based recharge(Vodafone Private Recharge) instead of direct one.

Another interesting info. In Bangladesh Grameen Phone already provide similar type of service however instead of OTP(one time) they use permanent unique code which means no need to generate code each time. The code is permanent and can be used for recharge any time. Still theone time code concept is also not that bad.

Though I would suggest better try online recharge save some money also by using offers which comes up every now and then.