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ZTE Miracle is Wifi-6 Router from ZTE with 160mhz wifi bandwidth and upto 3gbps wifi speeds. With support of easy mesh you can also extend the range and still benefit from wifi roaming having one network of wifi in the whole house.

Here is a brief hands-on review of ZTE Miracle T3000 from a UK user:

This little Wifi box works well: it’s a solid little radio with good range and speed. It is very hard to set up and customize. To get this to work as an access point, it has to be set up in bridge mode with the WAN interface getting the same address as the WIFI interface. Mesh devices that are auto-created must be manually deleted before this mode can work. Even then there are bugs: it can’t show which devices are connected. The automatic optimization tools are unreliable. The menus are difficult to navigate.

Better firmware would make this wifi router infinitely better.

Do check the above link if you still interest in buying ZTE Miracle T3000