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LG and Samsung both are Korean brand and both have AC manufacturing plant in India. So both provide make in India AC in 2023 so both provide completely Indian ACs.

LG AC is renowned for their service and support in India for most of the white goods. Infact LG has pioneered itself to AC market needs of India AC is one of the product that is fully customized to Indian needs and are made in India only. Keeping in mind our power saving habits LG doesn’t sell fixed speed AC in India at all.

While Samsung is cashing on its mobile & TV brand image. Though it does try to innovate over time like windfree AC however most of the time we have seen it matching with LG or even provide more on AC. Still Samsung provide decent enough support and product similar to LG in technology.

Now Lets compare 1.0 ton 5star model of both LG and Samsung

LG 1.0 TON 5-STAR ACSamsung 1.0 TON 5-STAR AC
Installation Charge ₹1199+gstStandard Installation @₹1199 +GST
1 Year on Product, 5 Years on PCB and 10 Years on Compressor with gas charging1 Years on Product, 1 Years on PCB, 10 Years on Compressor
Copper with ocean black protectionCopper with Durafin coating
6in1 convertible5in1 convertible
ISEER Value : 5.2High ISEER : 5.15
Noise Level: 21dbNoise Level: 42db
Cooling Capacity: 3500WCooling Capacity : 3200W
Quick service and supportExtra on features than LG AC
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Both AC are equally good however Samsung lacks on PCB warranty while service support of LG is unbeatable. We would recommend LG if both are selling on same price point. If difference is more than 5k then you can consider Samsung 1.0 Ton AC.