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Users of Jio can now download movies to the app for later offline viewing. This would help users who don’t want to use their 3G/4G packs for video streaming.
jio cinema offline view
Jio cinema app on android has pushed a new update which allows videos to be saved offline for later viewing. This feature has been specially introduced to allow users to fully utilize the Jio Happy Hour free usage of Jio new year offer which offers unlimited free data during night hour from 2am to 5am. During Jio Happy Hours data usage doesn’t count towards daily 1GB free quota and is completely unlimited.

So users who don’t have primary wifi connection at home can schedule download for night time during Jio happy hours and download their daily content without having to worry about using 1GB usage. Also users with wifi/broadband at home can also use it.

Other video apps like youtube, hotstar, netflix, amazon prime allow users to download video in the app for later offline viewing.