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Thinking to port your primary number to Jio 4G ? Here are few things you should know before you proceed for porting request.

1.) Do check you have 4G handset. Unlike Airtel, Idea or Bsnl, Jio has 4G only network which means your existing 2G and 3G handset won’t work. Jio is worlds first 4G only network.

2.) Even if your Handset supports 4G doesn’t mean it would get full coverage. Because many imported 4G handsets doesn’t support all the 4G bands that Jio 4G works on. Jio needs Band5(850mhz), Band3(1800mhz) and Band40(2300mhz). Here Band5 & Band40 are must. Band 5 for in-building and band 40 for maximum speed bandwidth.

3.) Now that you know your phone is 4G with all required Jio 4G bands you can access 4G data at full speeds however for making voice call on Jio network you need to ensure VoLTE is available on your phone. VoLTE is must to make a phone call. Though Jio has given workaround by downloading Jio4G app(android only) if VoLTE not present however we won’t recommend it unless voice calls are not that necessary. Accessing voice calls on Jio network via Jio4G app is not very reliable. You can’t switch on wifi if using jio4gvoice app and always need to ensure that data is always on.

If your handset got all above requirement for seamless working of Jio 4G network then you may proceed to port your existing no to Jio 4G. Here are the steps required to port your no to Jio 4G network.