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Chennai is current hotbed of broadband market like Hyderabad was few years back. Thanks to fiber plan of Act, Cherrinet, You broadband etc. Railwire the broadband arm of Railtel is introducing new plans. Railwire reaches customer via local cable operator or franchise. These last mile operator may use metro fiber, Ftth, wireless as they please. Maintaining last mile is their task. Railtel only provide bandwidth connectivity and software to manage customer account. Even the prices are decided by Railtel only however some cable operator may charge extra for maintenance.

Railtel broadband service has introduced new plan in Chennai city:

  • Speed : 10 mbps, data limit: 80GB, price Rs.1034 + tax.
  • Speed : 20 mbps, data limit: 100 GB, price Rs.1092 + tax.
  • Speed : 40 mbps, data limit: 60 GB, price Rs.1150 + tax.
  • Speed : 60 mbps, data limit: 100 GB, price Rs.1437 + tax.
  • Speed : 80 mbps, data limit: 130 GB, price Rs.1724 + tax.
  • Speed : 90 mbps, data limit: 100 GB, price Rs.2184 + tax.
  • Speed : 100 mbps, data limit: 200 GB, price Rs.2242 + tax.