Airtel has almost doubled the data it is giving away to it’s users under the best offer.
Rs.149 would fetch you 6GB data while Rs.260 would fetch you 6GB data along with full talktime.
This is cheaper than Jio Rs.301 voucher which gives 6GB data though free voice call is missing.
Airtel 6Gb in 260

Rs.149 recharge 6GB 3G/4G data valid for 28days
Rs.260 recharge 6GB 3G/4G data valid for 28days + Rs.260 core talktime.

Now for anyone who doesn’t make that many calls this Rs.260 voucher would make more sense for him. Though unlike Jio this is the best offer not a permanent tariff so we never know that this would continue once the free offer of Jio gets over i.e. after 31st March 2017. Still a good option for users who don’t have 4G handset or not getting good Jio 4G coverage and don’t make much voice calls.

Rs.149 with 6GB data bring effective per GB data rate of less than Rs.25. This from a co which 6months back was selling data Rs.250 per GB and regularly commenting in media that data below this rate might not feasible.

If above mention tariff become standard then I am happy to proclaim “data revolution has arrived in India”.