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Rcom has launched new FWP(fixed wireless phone) based on it’s 4G network using Volte. None of the detailed specification have been revealed about this wireless phone.

Problem is Rcom is yet to offer Volte calls so maybe sometime in future Rcom have plans to launch. Though we expect this fwp to support 2100mhz 3G phone that’s where data & voice are currently supported on Rcom.

Data would be provided by wifi hotspot service so expect even lesser battery life of handset. Sms , HD voice(Volte), 3.5 inch color screen are all supported.

This FWP Wi Bridge RM4G234 would cost MRP Rs.3300 approx. Few features are

Ultra High-Speed 4G Data / Connect upto 8 Wifi enabled devices
High Quality HD Voice, SMS and VoLTE
Easy cascading of YOU TUBE to Smart TV(using miracast or casting feature)
3.5 Inch TFT Colour touch screen
Android 5.1 operating system

Available on postpaid with plan 299 (300mins + 2GB data) and plan 399 (300mins and 4GB data) which is nothing fancy but more suitable for oldies with less data usage and business travelers. If you want to avoid hassle of wireline plans and not too much in fancy smartphone then this phone is what you are looking for. However as Rcom is offering roaming also means only 10digit mobile no would be supported on phone. No landline like nos that previous cdma fwp service.

Anyway those previous fwp users were left dry without any service or way to use those fwp nos(that many business depends on) when rcom upgraded it’s cdma network to 4G network. So beware before opting for Rcom.