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Ditto Tv is slowly removing channels from it’s platform without informing it’s users via sms or email. It recently dropped the price rate for its service from Rs.150 to Rs.20 to gain more users.

But why remove the channel completely? At least keep it as an addon option.

Total no of channels to be removed 38 channels.

Previously it removed :

  • Takht Sri Patna Sahib Live
  • ISKCON TEMPLE Vrindavan Live
  • Colors HD in all langunages
  • ETV channels in all languages
  • All Nick channels

It remains to be seen how many more channels would go as still many sony channels and other languages channels from outside Zee group are present which may be removed in future. Currently Airtel 3G/4G  users can view channels without any subscription if viewing from 3g/4g data connection itself.