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Two ways to check data usage of Jiofi mifi wifi device.

First way is to check usage of current session To do this:
1. Open or jiofi.local.html
2. Click on 3rd link TAB on LEFT column called “Wan info”
3. You’ll see in main page under WAN Status – Total Data Used In UL & Total Data Used In DL

Please note this data is for current session only not for whole day. As soon as you switch reboot your device or connection gets reset for some reason this data usage would also get reset. This doesn’t mean it is not getting deducted from daily limit. To check data used for whole day as is Jio servers try the second method.

Second way is to create account on or myjio app to check usage. As OTP is must for account authentication. Jio4gvoice is a must for one time. Another way is to put the jio mifi sim card in another 4G VoLTE mobile to receive OTP sms.
To check data usage in Jio mifi device of sim follow the below steps:

  1. Connect to wifi on your mobile using Jio mifi2 device.
  2. Download the jio4g voice app and verify it to receive sms for OTP while creating Jio account.
  3. Click here to signup for new account
  4. Enter OTP you receive on  Jio4g voice app. Enter all the details to create account.
  5. You can login on or using myjio app to check the usage.

This method is valid for both Jio mifi device or any other sim card activated under Jio preview or welcome offer.