Fan Heater vs Halogen Heater Comparsion 2023

Fan heaters and halogen heaters are both types of portable electric room heaters, but they work in slightly different ways:

  • Fan heaters use a heating element to warm the air, which is then circulated by a fan. They can warm up a room quickly and are generally more energy efficient than halogen heaters. They can be noisy because of the fan. They are also known as convection heaters.
  • Halogen heaters use a halogen lamp, which emits heat as infrared radiation. They heat objects and people directly, rather than heating the air, so they can be more effective at warming up a small area. They are quiet and don’t have moving parts. They are also known as radiant heaters.

Both fan heaters and halogen heaters are portable and easy to use, but halogen heaters are generally more expensive and less energy efficient than fan heaters. Halogen heaters are also not suitable for heating large spaces as they do not heat the air but objects directly on wherever the infrared light falls.

Verdict: You should choose based on your needs, if you’re looking to heat a small area quickly and don’t mind a little extra noise, a fan heater may be the best choice. If you’re looking to heat a small area more efficiently, a halogen heater may be the best choice.

Fan HeatersHalogen Heaters

So for a big room like drawing dining where more no of people sit a fan heater is better while for a small room like bedroom where heat need to be radiated to two people only a halogen heater or halogen heater with a swing can be a better proposition.

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