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Looking for the glass plate or tray in round or circle shape which has three part shape in center middle to rotate the plate for even microwave cooking then do look at few of these listings.

For 20 Liter or smaller microwave oven
Irkaja Microwave Oven Replacement Turntable Rotating Glass Plate/Tray with 3-Part Bushing Coupler (Diameter 9.6-Inch/245-mm)
  • Replacement Turntable/Rotating Glass Tray / Plate for Microwave Ovens
  • Diameter: 245mm / 24.5 cm / 9.6 inch, Coupler Diameter: 2 inch, Material: Glass
  • Not Suitable for Samsung Microwave Ovens
  • Material: Glass
For larger than 20 liter microwave oven

No products found.

A microwave rotating plate, also known as a turntable or carousel, is a fundamental component found in most microwave ovens. Its main purpose is to facilitate even cooking or heating of food items by ensuring uniform distribution of microwave energy.

The microwave rotating plate sits on a small motorized platform inside the microwave oven cavity. When you place a food container or plate on the rotating plate and set the cooking time, the motor spins the plate in a circular motion. This rotation ensures that the microwaves are distributed evenly throughout the cooking process, helping to prevent hot spots and cold spots in the food.

Without the rotating plate, certain areas of the food might receive more microwaves than others, leading to uneven cooking. The rotation eliminates this issue by constantly changing the exposure of different parts of the food to the microwave energy.

Some microwave ovens also have the option to disable the rotating plate for specific cooking tasks, like defrosting or when using rectangular or oversized dishes. In such cases, the food might need to be manually rotated during cooking to achieve uniform results.

Overall, the microwave rotating plate is a simple but essential feature that contributes to the efficient and effective operation of microwave ovens in most home kitchens.