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Mosquito Racket or Bat are safest way to kill mosquito without harming the environment. Although precautions need to be taken to keep it away from children in the house. Mosquito killing bat use high voltage electricity for few seconds to kill the mosquito so avoid pressing the button all the time. Only press it when swinging it towards mosquitoes.

Also a typical mosquito bat or racket last for 1-2years when either its battery gets damaged or the steel mesh gets too damaged to be irreparable. Mosquito Killer Racket with replaceable battery are yet to be found in market. Extra features in mosquito racket is torch however it can consume too much battery.

Most Mosquito brands available in India even like our desi brand Hit, Odomus, Nipon are made in China only. Though you can expect better regulated quality from these brands. Though most renowned brands offer 6 months maximum warranty only.

Still the Best mosquito racket bat out of the lot….

Better opt for Mosquito racket with stand for continuous set in room where mosquito gets killed by coming near the mesh attracted by uv light.