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When Jio launched 4G plans in 2017 it came with 1GB per day data as new norm while previously most plans were 1-3GB per month on 3G. Later slowly we moved to 1.5GB per day as minimum plan and recently few Vi plans went as high as 4GB per day data in promo offer plans.

Now with launch of 5G expect higher data plans of 10GB per day as new normal though it won’t come at 4G cost. Expect these plan at min cost of 499 per month according to unconfirmed reports. Also if one can use a limited amount of this data on 4G networks.

Also expect unlimited night data and even total unlimited plans with FUP to be regular from all operator. Though these unlimited plan won’t be cheap and may cost upward of Rs.1000 per month. Operators would try to push you to higher plans with these 5G plans either way.

Though those old 4G plans would see nominal price increase however it won’t be worthy to use 4G plans on 5G network as data consumption would rise even without any usage change. This happens as most of streaming and data request starts to consume higher data rate once detecting the higher throughput of connection. Many user noticed and complained about this when switching from 3G to 4G.