Sept2016: Mtnl is trying to attract new customers by giving them free installation offers.
However co is sleeping on competitiveness of it’s tariff plans in comparison to cable broadband service provider.
These new age cable service provider not only give better download speed but also upload speed and lower pings.
In last few years reliability of these cable broadband providers has increased many times.
Even Airtel broadband has introduced colony specific broadband plans to tackle these new rivals.

However our dear little Mtnl is still sleeping.
Take example of recent plan upgrade by Excitel Broadband service in Delhi where 10mbps is offered @ Rs.799(including tax) while our old babus run Mtnl offers 8mbps unlimited @Rs.3999+tax(include free local calls). Yes difference is transparency in Mtnl but transparency of ripping off it’s customers.

Not only this Mtnl doesn’t want to compete with Airtel for landline calls also. While Airtel is offering Rs.49 & Rs.99 pack for local and national free unlimited calls respectively but Mtnl wants its customers to remain happy with free local night calling only.

I wonder why Landline number portability is not introduced. Because Mtnl gonna lose whatever no of old users stuck due to their old landline numbers.
Wake Up Mtnl! no one wants your 512kbps unlimited connection whose reliability works on weather conditions.