Red Bull vs Sting vs Monster Energy Drink content comparison per 100ml

Red Bull, Sting & Monster are the 3 top most selling energy drinks in India.

Lets compare each one with their contents per 100ml:

Contents per 100mlRed BullStingMonster
Niacin(Vit B3)2.4mg2.1mg2.5mg

Surprisingly many people talk about Sting energy drink having too much sugar ironically it has the least sugar serving per 100ml that too with almost same caffeine boost with that high energy levels. Best part is all this at 1/4th(plastic bottle) to 1/2th(tin can) of price and that too from a reliable brand like Pepsi co. in India.

We do have plethora of other brands in Indian market like Budweiser Beats energy drink, Hell energy drink, Ocean one, mad bear energy drink, Blunt energy drink, Black lion, Beast energy drink & Samuride energy drink etc. However none has been able to come up to wide acceptability and volumes like these three brands.

If you want per 100ml comparison of any other brands then do let us know via comments below.

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