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Electric Toothbrush Price starts from Rs.299 in India. Usually these low priced electric tooth brush have replaceable non-rechargeable AA battery. Rechargeable battery brushes starts from Rs.999+.

Though brush texture varies from brush to brush , battery being rechargeable or not plays a major role in price of electric toothbrush. So better buy a rechargeable toothbrush unless you have rechargeable AA batteries with charger already at home.

Replaceable brush head is present in most however easily availability of brush head is why one should opt for branded electric toothbrushes. If the distributor of unknown chinese brand stop importing the brush head for the model you using then nothing can be done. While the branded mnc brands mostly have multiple distributors in the market.

List of Electric Tooth Brush With Prices in India
  • Oral B Cross Action AA Battery Powered Toothbrush check price
  • Mi Rechargeable Toothbrush with fast charge check price
  • Realme N1 Rechargeable Toothbrush with Dupont Bristles check price
  • Colgate Electric Toothbrush 2 AAA battery powered check price
  • Philips Rechargeable Toothbrush usb powered check price
  • Lifelong AA powered Electric Toothbrush with extra head check price
  • Oral B Pro 600 Electric Rechargeable Toothbrush check price
  • CareSmith AA Battery Powered Electric Toothbrush check price

Electric toothbrush for kids is not recommended as kids have soft jaws, while electric toothbrush exerts a lot of pressure onto them. While you may thinks it would be easier for kids to clean their teeth with electric toothbrush but personally we won’t recommend it. Better give a little extra time to your kids everyday or if not possible at weekends and make sure your kids brush their teeth in front of you and better guide them properly. You can show them youtube videos for brushing properly and there are many fun songs too for brushing time. So make it rather a fun activity for them.