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Modern web browser uses all core of multicore processor as websites are getting heavier. With isp cost going down web developers don’t care to keep it light. Now dual core is not enough for laptops when our small mobiles are on octa core processor. Don’t even think of anything below quad core atleast if you are buying intel processor based laptop. With Amd Ryzen atleast buy Hexacore processor as they are quite affordable.

Laptops with Processor Like

That said laptop cost are going up in pandemic times. Core i3 which could be brought for ₹20k+ easily in 2019 is nowhere to be seen below ₹30k now even with old generation model. Supply chain constraints due to frequent worldwide lockdowns means all unsold inventory of previous year started selling without a question. Flushed with cash retail stocked up newer inventory at faster pace henceforth shooting prices up like crazy.