Best Laptop under Rs.50k in India 2023

We have selected best laptops under Rs.50000 budget with target normal day to day productivity usage as target audience. Best for students, working professional, daily usage etc.

Acer Aspire 5Ryzen 5 5500U 6core processor
8GB DDR4 Ram soldered(1 extra slot for upto16GB stick)
512GB m.2 SSD (free ssd/hdd slot)
15.6″ Full HD IPS display
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ASUS VivoBook K15 OLED15.6-inch Full HD OLED Glossy Display 400nits 100% DCI-P3 Color Gamut
Core i3 11th gen dual core processor
8GB DDR4 RAM(4GB Soldered max 12GB)
256GB SSD(no free slot)
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Lenovo IdeaPad Slim 3Ryzen 5 5500U 6core processor
8GB DDR4 soldered Ram(non-expandable)
Backlit keyboard and fingerprint scanner
512GB SSD (no free slot)
15.6″ Full HD @300nits IPS display
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Realme Book (Slim)14 inch 2K IPS Display @400nits peak with 100% sRGB 3:2 Display
core i3 11th Gen dual core processor
8GB RAM Non Expandable
Backlit keyboard and fingerprint scanner
256GB SSD (non-expandable)
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HP 15 Ryzen 5 5500U15.6-Inch FHD SVA anti-glare 250 nits, 45% NTSC Display
Ryzen 5500U 6core processor
8GB DDR4 Ram(free extra slot)
512GB M.2 SSD
Backlit keyboard
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MSI Modern 15Ryzen 5500U 6core processor
8GB DDR4 Ram(free extra slot)
512GB SSD (free m2 slot)
15″ IPS display@60Hz 45% NTSC
Military Grade Certified
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Dell 14 2in1 Touch Screen Laptop14.0-inch FHD (1920 x 1080) Touch Screen WVA Display
11th Gen Core i3-1125G4 Quad Core Processor
Backlit keyboard and fingerprint scanner
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RedmiBook Pro15.6-Inch FHD anti-glare display
core i5-11300H quad core processor
8GB DDR4 Ram(non expandable)
512GB M.2 SSD (non expandable)
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Best Value for money everyday Laptops around rupees 50,000 range.

You’ll notice most of laptops are equipped with Ryzen 5500u instead of core i5 because Ryzen 5 5500u has 6 cores vs 4 cores of Intel core i5 processor. PCIe 3.0 of Ryzen 5 vs PCIe 4.0 of Intel core i5 won’t be noticeable for non-gaming laptops atleast for now. While extra core of Ryzen 5 make a good difference in multi tab browser and office applications. With threading acting as icing on cake with 12threads of Ryzen vs 8 thread of core i5.

Now Let’s Discuss each of these laptop in full detail …

1.) Acer ASPIRE 5 Ryzen 5500U

ACER Aspire 5 is from Taiwan based Acer Computers. Ryzen 5 5500u hexacore is best for day to day tasks. 512GB m.2 ssd for super fast startup and shutdown. You can add your own hdd or ssd drive for extra storage. 8GB DDR4 ram is soldered and one can add another stick of upto 16GB making is total of upto 24GB ram support. Display is Full HD ips display with 300nits max brightness.

Pros: Wifi 6/Expandable Ram /Expandable storage/backlit keyboard

Cons: Fingerprint scanner missing/low sound

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2.) ASUS VivoBook K15 OLED

Asus Vivobook is for people who consume a lot of media on laptops and can detect the smallest of pixels. OLED dsiplay produces stunning colours and is way above any kind of ips display. Downgrade in this budget is core i3 dual instead of ryzen/i5. Ram and storage is expandable with backlit keyboard. office 2019 is included. Though Polycarbonate made durability is on higher level as usual by Asus.

Pros: Full HD OLED display with 100% DCI-P3 Color Gamut/Slim bezel 85% Screen ratio/Expandable Ram/hdd/wifi 6

Cons: Core i3 processor/no finger print scanner

3.) Lenovo Idepad Slim 3

Lenovo ideapad 5 Laptop is complete package with Ryzen 5 2021 Hexacore processor with 12 thread for multitasking. Fast reboot using 512GB m.2 SSD drive and 8GB DDR4 Ram. While storage and RAM is not expandable. It has other things like fingerprint scanner and backlit keyboard. 90% of day to day users don’t plan to open their laptop for ram or storage expansion in fear of losing out warranty or creating any other problems.

Pros : finger print scanner/windows 7/ rpivacy shutter/ anti glare 300nits ips display/narrow bezels/

Cons: Non Expandable Ram/Storage/wifi 6 missing.

4.) Realme book Slim core i3 laptop

Realme Book Slim is another laptop for display maniac or maybe macbook maniac. It is kind of true windows based copy of macbook in budget. Display at 2k is stunning but glossy & compromise with core i3 in this budget. Best advantage is usb type-c based power charging and universal type-c fast adapter included in the package. Big touchpad and backlit keyboard are both easy to use. Finger print scanner with all metallic body add to looks. Copying macbook major port like rj45/card slot missing and single usb type a port given which can be a dealbraker for many.

Pros: USB Type c charger and charging/Finger print scanner/stunning 2k display/big touch pad/backlit keyboard

Cons: Core i3 / un-even keyboard/Anti-glare missing/just 1 usb type a port/no hdmi/no card slot/no rj-45 port.

5.) HP 15 Ryzen 5 15s EQ2040AU LAPTOP

HP India is the biggest selling laptop brand in India. Again Ryzen 5 5500u Hexacore processor with 8GB RAM Expandable to 16GB RAM. Storage is 512GB m.2 ssd which is soldered and with extra slots. Windows 11 with 0ffice 2019 student. Full Backlit keyboard with anti-glare 15.6inch ips display. Only wifi 5 with rj 45 port.

Pros: Expadable RAM/ Full natural backlit keyboard/ attractive silver colour/Builtin Alexa.

Cons: No Expandable storage/wifi 6 missing/Bluetooth 4.1 only.

6.) MSI MODERN 15 2021 Laptop

MSI Modern is 15inch slim Bezel military grade certified Laptop with dual cooling fan. Powered with Ryzen 5500u with 8GB RAM and 512GB m.2 ssd drive. Both RAM and SSD have addtional free slots for upgrade upto 24GB RAM and 1TB ssd. Equipped with wifi6 and bluetooth 5.1. Though RJ45 ethernet port is missing. Display can opened 180deg wide though people complain of loose hinge after 120deg rotation. Also MS office is trial only.

Pros: Military grade durability/expadable ssd and RAM slots/Dual FAN/ Aluminium cover/backlit keybaord

Cons: Missing RJ45 port/ Office 2019 missing/loose hinge after 120deg/low speaker sound.

7.) Dell 14 Inspiron 5410 (2021) 2in1 Touch Screen Laptop D560563WIN9S

Dell 2 in 1 Laptop is a touch screen laptop with full hd touch WVA Display. Though it also has a core i3 processor but it is a quad core processor version so a little less compromise than dual core i3 processor. camera with privacy shutter and finger print scanner. Backlit keyboard with 8GB RAM and expandable memory slot for upto 16GB Total RAM.

Pros: Affordable touch screen/quad core i3/ expandable RAM/ Full office 2019

Cons: WVA Display/No Expandable storage/ Processor compromise.

8.) Redmi Book Pro i5

A little outdated as memory and storage is soldered without any expansion slot in this price range. Build quality is nice. with only core i5 in this list. Core i5 lacks performance in comparison to Ryzen 5. Full office 2019. With 8GB RAM and 512 m.2 SSD storage space. Big touch pad but keyboard lack backlight in this budget.

Pros: core i5/ full ips display

cons: non expandable storage/ missing backlit keyboard/ no finger print scanner.


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