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Andhra Pradesh govt plans to give 15mbps plan at Rs.150 per month for 5Gb data Plus free onnet calls plus 100+ FTA channel services. I was wondering instead of giving free wifi as promised by AAP govt in Delhi if they could instead offer something similar. Because reliable and affordable broadband is not available in many parts of Delhi even now.

Yes I am saying this as our own Mtnl is not very reliable in most parts of Delhi. If Mtnl adsl works then good if not then you have to deal with rude customer care and untrained lineman, still you won’t know if your internet will be up in given time frame.

Next is Airtel which is very reliable but no way affordable. Their cheapest plan is Rs.899+tax which many people will find out of budget that for just 5GB data limit @ 4mbps. Also Airtel is not available in all the areas of Delhi, only elite colonies and commercial areas.

In my opinion Delhi govt should launch affordable plans like
Rs.250 – 1mbps true unlmited
Rs.450 – 2mbps true unlimited
Rs.650 – 4mbps true unlimited
Rs.1000 – 10mbps true unlimited

Anyone in govt. listening?