Pros and Cons of Airtel Internet Tv Review

Airtel Internet Tv is primary a DTH Settop box with Android TV support + inbuilt Wifi.

Pros of Airtel Internet TV:

  • Convert Basic TV with HDMI port to Smart tv with apps like youtube, netflix, hotstar, sony liv, amazon prime, voot etc etc
  • One Box for both DTH and smart applications together : clutter free
  • No need to switch port from hdmi 1 to hdmi 2
  • Android TV based platform with regular app updates from playstore.
  • 4K box capability for both DTH & Android apps.
  • Price is very reasonable considering the capabilities.

Cons of Airtel Internet TV:

  • Streaming Apps wont work if DTH not recharged which beats the task.
  • Laggy Interface from Airtel … though getting better with updates.
  • Poor specification of hardware used specially outdated processor.
  • Dolby sound problem with apps like amazon prime.
  • 2mbps internet speed is must to enjoy the apps.

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Airtel Internet TV Box is now called Xstream Box.

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