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TRAI has brought new tariff regulation in cable tv/ DTH/ broadcasting industry.

3 major rules in this regulation are :

  • All paid channels prices must be declared individually by each channel broadcaster on it’s website. Thus forcing them to free to air regime in long term. Max of Rs.19 can be charged for any single channel.
  • Max Rs.130 per each 100 channels can be charged by DTH/cable tv providers as access fees, regardless that channel is paid or free. Thus limiting their capability to charge for channel.
  • Max 20% commission can be offered by broadcaster to DTH/cable tv providers. Again limiting their profit making capability.
  • Heavily favouring bundle or triple(net+phone+tv) service providers who can charge for other things like broadband or phone service.

For customer point of view user would get more choice making capability. For lower customers with package of upto Rs.200 would suffer a little. For middle end subsriber for package of Rs.200-500 would benefit the most as their bill would come down. While higher end package customer would gain only if they don’t spoil themselves and opt for all the packs.

CHANNEL LIST of Varius DTH providers (opt for any 100 from fta channels or any paid channels for which broadcaster fee to be paid extra).