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Want to access the lounge at Airport for layover while catching the flight ahead.
Food is too costly at Airport? Why not enjoy unlimited buffet.
Welcome to almost free lounge access at India’s and international airports.

There are many ways to access free lounges while some annual membership fees others few are completely free.
It all depends on what product variant is offered by Bank to you:

Rupay Lounge access program: This is by far the cheapest option. Get a Rupay Platinum Debit Card from any of the Bank which you have account with. Fees vary from free to Rs.300 per annum. Apply Now. Customers on Rupay Platinum debit card get 2 lounge per qaurter free on domestic airport lounge while 2 quarter free per year on international airport(Diners Club).

Mastercard India Lounge Access : Mastercard lounge access is for domestic lounges only. Both debit card and credit card users can access it. One can check if their mastercard is valid for lounge access by dialing mastercard helpline at 1800-102-6263.

Visa India Lounge access: Visa was fist one to offer lounge access in India. Use to offer it at international lounge during initial offer but now it’s limited very few domestic lounge in India.

Rupay has most widest lounge access list which includes international lounge also followed by Mastercard with good domestic lounge range while it’s lowest in Visa card with only metro cities covered.

Some banks offer priority card membership with free complimentary visits for visits at international lounges around the world like AU Bank free credit cards. While some offer only membership free and you need to pay 27$+gst visit charges from your pocket.

Axis Bank offer unlimited free international lounge visits with it’s 10k per year magnus card
Icici Bank offer dragon pass with few free visits on one variant.
HDFC offers diner club card with free visits in each card.