Railwire is retail arm of Raitel corporation which has 56000kms of fiber optic laid for connectivity of  each railway station with each other. While the extra bandwidth of fiber laid is sold to enterprise customers. Railwire was formed as an retail arm by Railtel to sell this bandwidth to retail customers via last cable franchise. In some govt societies railwire directly provide services however in most other places it has agreement with cable providers for last end connectivity.

Therefore services quality, support and review of railwire will vary from area to area depending upon service provided by cable providers. So if your friend has bad review about railwire doesn’t means it would be bad in your area also and same is true for vice versa.

Lets talk about tariff plans now.

Unlimited Fup free plans are as below

512kbps upload and download Rs.499+service tax per month.

1mbps upload and download Rs.899+service tax per month.

2mbps upload and download Rs.1399+service tax per month.

4mbps upload and download Rs.2499+service tax per month.

Unlimited Fup based plans are below

Port Speed* Monthly Rental **(INR) Data Usage After FUP
1 Mbps 449 10GB 512kbps
1 Mbps 549 20GB 512 kbps
2 Mbps 599 10GB 512 kbps
2 Mbps 699 20GB 512 kbps
4 Mbps 799 30GB 512 kbps
4 Mbps 899 40GB 512kbps
8 Mbps 999 40GB 512kbps
10 Mbps* 1099 40GB 1Mbps
10 Mbps* 1249 60GB 1Mbps


Please note cable providers may charge additional to above mentioned charges for service and line management.